Letter From Alex

Dear Community,

Thank you for the support you have given to the courageous and dedicated staff of Homies Unidos this past year and the continued commitment you have shown us over the past 14 years

Tattoo Removal

Homies Unidos offers low cost tattoo removal for graduates of the Epiphany Project program.

Although tattoo removal for many the process is consider a physical and cosmetic, tattoos represent emotional and personal stories of our lives. The Epiphany Project is design with that in mind, offering personal and life skills to guide them through the emotional process of removing their tattoos.

Vote From The Neighborhood

If you are upset with the policies controlling your community? You can change that!

For too long our communities have been underrepresented by local, state and federal officials. You can change that.

Represent your neighborhood. Gain political clout.

Register to VOTE today! Don't waste the liberty some don't have.

Know Your Rights

Have you found yourself calling friends to find out what to do after Law Enforcement has stopped you? Do you know your Miranda Rights? What if Immigration knocks on your door, do you know what to do? If you don't know, you may say or do things that will have long lasting negative results for you and your family. Get informed!

Our Youth

Central American Youth Conference


  • 2017 Central American Youth Lead

    Thursday, November 9th, 2017

    Central American Youth Leadership Conference December 8, 2017 9AM-3:30PM Donate to the conference In solidarity with Central American Refugees (CAR), Homies Unidos is putting together the third ┬áCentral American Youth Leadership Conference. The main purpose will be to ensure that these refugee youth feel welcomed, to celebrate and promote Central American art and culture, provide […]

  • Asociaci├│n Salvadorena en Apoyo

    Wednesday, April 26th, 2017


  • Step up and vote on November 8th

    Friday, November 4th, 2016

    Step up and vote on November 8th! Exercise your right to vote, even if you are not a citizen yet, with the right to vote, but do not forget that many of your family members, friends and coworkers can vote. Reach to everyone and step up and vote on November 8th! Homies Unidos is a […]