Vigil for the 375 incarcerated people Killed in Honduran Prison

Press Release
Alex Sanchez: (213)-383-7484
Walter Magana: (626)-500-3604

Vigil for the 375 incarcerated people Killed in Honduran Prison

WHAT: Organizations representing our community in human rights will have a vigil in front of the Consulate of Honduras denouncing the prison system in which prison guards participated in the death of more than 375 human beings in the prison of Comayagua, Honduras.

WHEN: Friday February 17th, 2012. 4pm
WHERE: Honduran Consulate of Los Angeles
3550 Wilshire Blvd #320
Los Angeles CA 90010
WHO: Speakers include:
– Policarpo Chaj, Mayavision
– Javier Staring, L.A. Archdiocese
– Union De Salvadorenos Estudiantes Universitarios(USEU)
– Alex Sanchez, Homies Unidos
– Ron Gochez, Union Del Barrio

Interviews available immediately following the press conference

WHY: Honduras for the third time is involved in human rights violations in the prisons of its country. On February 14, in the Comayagua prison in Honduras, more than 376 incarcerated people lost their lives in a fire within the prison. This has not been the first time; in 2003, 69 people were killed riddle with bullets and set on fire and 107 more in 2004 died in a fire in San Pedro Sula.

Homies United along other human rights organizations are outraged by this tactic on the part of Governments to solve the dilemma of violence affecting our countries in Central America. Every human being has their human right to live free of violence even if incarcerated.

We demand:
1. The Government put a Commission of non-governmental organizations to supervise the investigation.
2. That the Government will help affected families
3. the Government of the United States stop monetary aid until is stop human abuses and Zero Tolerance policies which has led to mass incarceration of our youth
4. A dismissal of all guards in the prison system of the Honduras including Security Minister Pompeyo Bonilla.

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