SB982 as written is bad for our incarcerated people!!!

Please send your representative in the California senate a message that solitary confinement is an inhumane act that needs to stop. That Hancock’s SB982 will make it a law for anyone suspected to be part of any prison group or what they call Security Threat Groups to be segregated in a secure housing unit without having committed any violation of any serious crime.

Although this bill also has important amendments to what is now in place, listed below, we suggest people not supported under its current form.

SB982 has Important issues but it is undermined by the codification of security threat groups:

Increased oversight and accountability.

Integrity and fair treatment in detention decisions.

Humane conditions in the SHUs (Security Housing Units, or solitary confinement).

Positive incentives for inmates to change their lives.

– See more at:

The link below make suggestions to this bill. Letter to Senators re Hancock SB 892 (4-25-14)


Suggested Amendments:

Read More:

Contact your local representative and let him know your thoughts on SB892

To find your representative in Sacramento:


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