Promoting Pro-Immigrant and Youth Violenceth  Prevention Policies

The policies that Homies Unidos has chosen to support are in line with ending violence against immigrants and promoting the humane treatment of marginalized youth and people. Because Homies Unidos represents a group of people who are often targeted and classified as “criminals” due to their background and prior involvement in “criminal” activity, we support legislation that reinforces due process and makes gives every person an opportunity to prove their character so as to stay united with their families here in the U.S. We have advocated for policies that assist in the prevention of classifying people as criminals. We have continued our advocacy for legislation that would prevent the vicious cycle of violence that traps youth such as the Youth PROMISE Act.

Countering Anti-Immigrant and  Policies and Bill That Continue Incarcerating Our Youth

In 2010, an increase of detentions occurred due to an increase in law enforcement collaboration with the federal government in implementing immigration policy. These increases are due to programs such as the 287g agreement as enacted by IIRIRA 1996 have caused law enforcement to racially profile people in the community we serve resulting in detentions and eventually deportations. Arizona’s SB1070 would had given full power to Law Enforcement to criminalize immigrants.

We need to continue advocating for just immigrant policies and challenging those bills that further anti immigrant sentiment and exposes immigrants to be racially profiled.