Tattoo Removal

Homies Unidos offers free tattoo removal for graduates of our Epiphany Project.

While the Epiphany Project teaches important life skills and coping mechanisms, the Tattoo Removal program assists former gang members in transforming their lives by removing tattoos; visible reminders of their past.  Removing these tattoos is both a practical and spiritual expression of the participants’ desire to change their lives.  Once an individual has made that choice to change their lives with an internal “epiphany” it is important that their physical bodies reflect this new life, which can include removing a gang tattoo or the name an abusive ex-boyfriend. Homies Unidos works in collaboration with two local clinics to provide tattoo removal services to local youth and adults with visible gang-related tattoos (on their face, neck, hands or forearms) who are pursuing employment opportunities or educational advancement. Laser treatment procedures can take up to 2 years to fully remove a tattoo and the price can ranges between $2,000 to $16,000 depending on the size and detail of the tattoo.  A typical session lasts one hour and costs $80.00.  Patients receive one session every six to eight weeks, which lasts one hour and costs on average $80.00. However through Homies Unidos’ Tattoo removal program, the process is done for a donation. Working in partnership with the Sunrise Outreach Center and the Hollywood Sunset Free Clinic, Homies Unidos pays for the treatments at a reduced price.  It is through the generous support of foundations and donors that Homies Unidos is able to change an individual’s life for the better, so please donate. Since the implementation of our program in 2004, we have had 242 participants complete the process.  We currently have 46 individuals undergoing tattoo removal as we look to continue to expand the program. Although a tattoo removal may be seen as a physical procedure, tattoos represent very personal and emotional histories in our lives. The Epiphany Project is designed with these things in mind, offering the life and leadership skills to guide the emotional aspects of the tattoo removal process. All we ask is that participants complete our 12 week program. For more information regarding tattoo removal please contact Alejandro Alvardo at or call 213-383-7484

If you or someone you know needs to remove a tattoo:

  1. Call or visit our L.A. office and register to join the Epiphany Project. The Epiphany Project equips our participants with the life and leadership skills that guide the emotional aspects of the tattoo removal process.
  2. Upon completion of the Epiphany Project workshops, you will be given your first tattoo removal appointment.The tattoo removal process can vary for everyone. The number of tattoo sessions that are needed for a complete tattoo removal can vary depending on the size and the ink used to create the tattoo.
  3. Continue your tattoo removal appointments and help out! We ask people who go through our program to help Homies Unidos in our efforts to give back to our communities. Much of what we do, including the design of this website, is only made possible by donors like you and the support of our volunteers.

We like to give a special thanks to The Sunrise Outreach Center who provide the tattoo removal services and at a reduced price. For more information regarding the Epiphany Project please contact Melinda Isordia at or call 213-383-7484

Next Series of Epiphany Project workshops for tattoo removal  starts February 10, 2015. Tattoo Removal flyer

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