Youth Leadership Training

Based on over a decade of this work, Homies Unidos has developed two cornerstone programs: our Epiphany Project and Libertad con Dignidad (Liberty with Dignity). Together, these two interlinked programs create an opportunity for at-risk or gang-involved youth and their immigrant families to take control of their lives and neighborhoods and influence policy, particularly as regards the criminal justice and immigration systems. Graduates of the Epiphany Project and the Joven Noble curriculums are trained through the Youth Leadership course they participated in our Libertad con Dignidad activities, which takes the work of our  to the next level of advocacy for social justice.

Joven Noble grupo

Joven Noble graduates from Augustus Hawkins High School


Epiphany Project participants during a meeting at a Camino Nuevo Middle School

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Application for summer 2017 Youth training is available now for Central American youth who participated in our Joven Noble curriculum during the year.

Application can be download through the link :

HULT Application-Summer 2017

Please send application via email, mail, or deliver it in person to our office.

Homies Unidos

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Ask for Ricardo Vidal

Youth will be working on setting the First Central American Youth Conference on December 8, 2017