Child Citizen Protection Act (HR 182)

Family Unity is the fabric of this country yet put in danger with deportations.

Family Unity is the fabric of this country yet it is put in danger with deportations.


Date: Friday, November 13, 2009

Time: 6-8pm

Location: CARECEN

2845 W. 7th St

Los Angeles, CA. 90005


Under the current legislation our undocumented communities are getting attacked as families are facing inhumane separation from their children and parents. In just a two year period over 13,000 American children have been separated from one or both parents due to the immigration raids and deportations. The proposed CCPA  HR 182 is a bill that will allow an immigration judge to consider the best interest of the citizen child before the deportation, removal, exclusion of the parent(s). Homies Unidos will be holding a community forum regarding the proposed Child Citizen Protection Act HR 182. Legislators, panelists, organizations, and community partners will be present at the forum in order to discuss and unite in support of this bill to successfully represent our communities in supporting the CCPA HR 182.

Jessica de Leon will participate on the panel on Nov. 13th.

In support of the CCPA, Homies Unidos will be holding a community forum in order to unite community organizations, members, and representatives in support of this legislation to continue the struggle for humane immigrant rights. The community forum will include a panel of community leaders, legislators, and serve to provide further information for dialogue and discussion with the purpose of mobilizing Southern California in support for the legislation. Homies Unidos will be holding the community forum on Friday, November 13, 2009 from 6:00-8:00pm at CARECEN, 2845 West 7th Street, Los Angeles, CA. 90005.

As part of the Detention Watch Network, Homies Unidos is working on the HR 182 CCPA and we warmly and respectfully extend an invitation for your organization’s attendance and presence in the forum. The CCPA will provide hope and the right for citizen children to stay with their parents and family, therefore as an organization that advocates and struggles against the constant attacks on our communities and for our communities’ rights and justice, your participation is indispensable in the forum and to execute the legislation. Your organization’s participation and support is necessary to successfully represent the community and to give voice to the voiceless citizen children and our communities’ needs.

Please contact Nathalie Contreras, to confirm your participation or for questions and concerns, at (213) 383-7484 or via e-mail at