Policy, Advocacy and Action

In pursuit of our mission to promote positive change in our communities, Homies Unidos promotes statewide public policy initiatives that support liberty and justice for our immigrant communities and further promote violence prevention and intervention programs.  We work to broaden our community justice agenda by addressing the fundamental issues that underlie inequalities by building local and statewide capacity to promote the healthy communities for our most vulnerable citizens.

For ten years, Homies Unidos has been a catalyst for change, working in tandem with other organizations to influence and inform policy decisions and legislation affecting vulnerable youth and disenfranchised families in the Americas.

Here is a list of our current actions and how you can join the campaigns:



The Child Citizen Protection Act is an initiative that was begun by Families for Freedom in New York.  As of now there are 32 cosponsors and we have been behind campaign work around this bill in securing votes from CA Senators and Representatives in the House.  If passed it will be part of restoring discretion to immigration judges in cases where a US Citizen Child is involved.


SUMMARY – Requires minimum of $965,000,000 of state funding each year for police and local law enforcement. Makes approximately 30 revisions to California criminal law. Fiscal Impact: Increased net state costs exceeding $500 million annually due to increasing spending on criminal justice programs to at least $965 million and for corrections operating costs. Potential one-time state prison capital outlay costs exceeding $500 million.


YES – A YES vote on this measure means: The state would be required to increase spending for specified state and local criminal justice programs to at least $965 million in 2009–10, an increase of $365 million, growing in future years. Sentences also would be increased for certain crimes—such as crimes related to gangs, methamphetamine sales, and vehicle theft—resulting in more offenders being sent to state prison and for longer periods of time. The measure would make various other criminal justice changes related to such things as parole agent caseloads and use of hearsay evidence.

NO – A NO vote on this measure means: The state Legislature and Governor would continue to have their current authority over the state funding levels provided for specified criminal justice programs. Criminal penalties would not be increased. Parole caseloads and use of hearsay evidence would remain unchanged.


PRO – Every California Sheriff supports Proposition 6. YES on 6 is a comprehensive anti-gang and crime reduction measure that will bring more cops and increased safety to our streets. It returns taxpayers’ money to local law enforcement without raising taxes and will increase efficiency and accountability for public safety programs.

CON – Proposition 6 WILL take $1,000,000,000 from schools, healthcare, fire protection, and proven public safety programs. Prop. 6 WON’T guarantee more police on the street and WON’T even fund proven gang prevention programs. Prop. 6 WILL spend more money on prisons and jails. Vote NO on Prop. 6!

For additional information to vote no on prop 6 visit www.votenoprop6.com – or to vote yes visit www.safeneighborhoodsact.com

Invest in Children Not Prisons. Stop Prop 6 by Marion Wright Edelman

Under the pretense of creating “safer neighborhoods,” Proposition 6 changes current law to require that more children, as young as 14 years old, are tried and sentenced as adults. This despite the fact that a federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report found that youths sentenced to adult prison commit more crimes and more serious crimes after release compared to their counterparts in the juvenile justice systems. Read more…  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/marian-wright-edelman/invest-in-children-not-pr_b_128238.html

For more information please contact Allegra Padilla at apadilla@homiesunidos.org or call 213-383-7484