ASAPLE Los Angeles- Re-entry Project

Homies Unidos Inc. and Salvadoran Association in Support of People Deprived of Liberty in the Exterior (ASAPLE) have an agreement, with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of El Salvador; to visit people deprived of liberty in prisons in California, locate relatives in El Salvador and support in requests for parole board hearings.
ASAPLE, in El Salvador helps to locate and communicate with family members of Central Americans who are incarcerated abroad. Together with family members; seek housing, employment and social and faith base organizations to help get necessary documents to meet the requirements for the incarcerated persons’ reentry plan.
Homies Unidos has been organizing monthly support meetings in Los Angeles with relatives of people deprived of liberty in California prisons. They organize family members to advocate for your loved ones by visiting legislators, CDCR official and the Governor’s representatives. They also organize and accompany Mrs. Eliza jury (ASAPLE) visits to California prisons to visit Central Americans deprived of liberty. To assure their good health and that they are doing what is necessary to gain their freedom.

We advocate for those deprived of liberty that has demonstrated they are ready to be free. We provide support to those who have immigration holds and may be deported to their country of origin. We assure CDCR that those deprived of freedom have their reentry plan if deported to their country of origin. However we do not guarantee their freedom but help them present the best case.
Finally, Homies Unidos monthly meetings of support and development with families of those deprived of liberty take place the 3rd Saturday of week of every month. Family engagement is of utmost importance.
Homies Unidos together with ASAPLE we are willing to continue supporting those deprived of liberty abroad. If you are interested in learning more about our work and or know someone who may need our services, you can write or call us at the information below.


  • Provide parole board hearings preparedness support for incarcerated people and their families by providing resources, monthly meetings and other activities.
  • Empower family members to advocate for their love ones and sentencing policies with elected officials at the State and local level.
  • Visit incarcerated immigrant people with immigration holds that have been sentenced to life, expanding referral and support resources to gain their freedom.