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Homies Unidos started in El Salvador in 1996 with innovated programs helping gang involved youth get a second chance. If programs like this would of had been continued to be funded, El Salvador would of been a different place then what it is now. Homies Unidos still has projects in El Salvador but many of its members have passed away from the violence.

How to call your representative in House of Representative

Fruits of War: A documentary depicting the stories of four Homies Unidos members as they speak of the reasons they left their country, join gangs, deported and their struggle to seek redemption.



How to call U.S. Senator in the Senate

Honduras continues killing as a way to reduce violence which has back fired by becoming the worlds most dangerous country. They need to try a humane way to deal with the social problems that pushes youth into gangs.

Carolina Leyva speaks about her experience in Homies Unidos’ Youth Leadership Program