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Culture Clash’s Ricardo Salinas stars in gritty ‘Placas: The Most Dangerous Tattoo’

KPBS-Apr 22, 2015 Placas, The Most Dangerous TattooThe role of Fausto is loosely based on the experiences of ex-gang member Alex Sanchez, who founded the Los Angeles nonprofit Homies Unidos. “It’s a play that takes place within the context of gang culture but not a play about gang culture. It’s a real human story about a family that has been broken apart by trauma,” said Michael John Garces, artistic director of the L.A.-based Cornerstone Theatre, who directs the play. Read More


How Gang Injunctions Precipitate Gentrification In Los Angeles Communities

HuffPost  01/09/2015 8:25 pm EST Since the 1990s, gang injunctions have been a widespread police strategy in many Los Angeles neighborhoods. But the controversial law enforcement technique, which bans gang members from assembling within designated “safety zones,” has its share of critics, some of whom say the practice is just the first step toward gentrification. Read More 

‘Es posible tener otra vida más allá de la pandilla’

Por 15 años fue miembro de la Mara Salvatrucha a la que fue orillado por el ambiente violento del hogar La Opinion De la tormentosa niñez que Adrián Cáceres vivió en un hogar de violencia, alcoholismo y drogadicción brotó el resentimiento que durante muchos años marcó su vida de pandillero. Read More