“Know Your Rights” Workshop

Title Of Event:  Know Your Rights

Date Of Event: March 27, 2011

Location: MacArthur Park Recreation Center 2nd floor                                                                                     2230 W. 6th St Los Angeles, CA 90057
Contact: Juan Esparza 213-383-7484


We will be answering questions about what to do if stopped by Immigration or Law enforcement.

We will have attorneys providing FREE consultations. Please call if you would like to have a consultation.

We will provide childcare.

Questions that will be answered:

  • How can I protect myself from deportation?
  • How can I gain legal status?
  • Will I get deported if I am convicted of a crime?
  • I received a Notice to Appear from Immigration, what does that mean?

The program will take place on Sunday March 27 from 10AM-1:30PM at the MacArthur Park Recreation Center, food will be available.

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