Get Involved

We at Homies Unidos invite you to join us towards creating a positive change in our communities.  There are many ways to get involved and all forms of support are welcome.

Become a Volunteer

We have been fortunate to have had a group of amazing volunteers and Interns: From UCLA, USC, Stanford, Claremont colleges and others who have given so much to our agency as they have received a first hand look at the work we do.

As a volunteer you will gain experience in conflict resolution, the process of our work and the struggles and transformation of our youth.

If you would like to Volunteer please email us at or call us at 213-383-7484

Join our letter writing campaign

Your voice is important and should be heard.  Join us in sending letters of support and action to our elected leaders.  View Letters of Support.

Join our 10 for 2020 campaign

Make a reoccurring donation of $10 a month for this year, 2020 in honor of our 20th anniversary.  Our 10 for 2020 campaign’s wish is to transform Homies Unidos into a community funded organization. Join 10 for 2020.