From the Inside and Looking Out

Stories of people who are currently incarcerated and fighting case from Federal, Immigration,Detention and State Prisons. They talk about their life and how their families are affected by their incarcerations.
Homies Unidos is happy to share their stories and give voice to the voiceless and speak their mind to the world.

My name is Echas I’m a native of Guerrero, Mexico. I was born in a lovely family of nine members total. I was five years old when my father die. After my father’s death my mother abandon us along with the rest of my brothers. My older sister was nineteen years old, when she took the responsibility to care for us. My sister decided to immigrate to Los Angeles, CA to work and provide food on the table for us. After the period of two years, my sister had saved enough money to bring us over to Los Angeles provided roper education for all us.

By age of 7 I was going to school getting good grades, and as time past me by i was lost in between time of not knowing what to do with my life. I got arrested for recieving stolen property and was sentence t 8month in prison, after finishing my time i was deported to Tijuana,Mexico.  While in there I was harrased by authorities, robed and prosucuted without cause that lead me only one choice to come back to where all my family is, which is, Los Angeles.

I decided to turn my life around and started doing the right thing, enrolled in school and started working for the period of three years and stayed out of trouble.

Until one day, I was witing for my brother outside his apartment when the LAPD Rampart division showed up and started asking me for my legal Status they arrested me without any charges and turn me into ICE authorities. Now I’m being charge with re-entrie and they’re baseing on my criminal record.

Now i’m getting time and serving time for simply being here with my family were i’ve been since my youth and paying again for what already paid for, with precious of my life.

Thank you for reading my letter and thoughts.

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