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(English) Youth Trip to the School of the Americas Watch Vigil

Friday, November 13th, 2015

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HIPGive2Health, Juntos Podemos Sanar Nuestros Ninos Refugiados Centro Americanos

Sunday, June 7th, 2015

Central American Youth Conference

You can help us reach our goal

In solidarity with Central American Refugees (CAR), Homies Unidos is proposing to put together the first locally-accessible Central American Youth Conference. The main purpose will be to ensure that these refugee youth feel welcomed, to celebrate and promote Central American art and culture, provide health resources and on-the-spot referrals, facilitate a legal resources workshop, showcase their stories and experiences, build a supportive community, and create opportunities for positive feedback and self-esteem-building. HIPGive

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With your support we will be able to:

  • Provide training for 15 CAR youth this summer through our Youth Leadership Training to learn about how tell their stories and advocate to elected officials and community about their experience to gain support and start healing.
  • Youth Leadership graduates will spearhead the organizing of the Central American Youth Conference In September 19, 2015 at Santee Educational Complex.
  • Facilitate a preventive holistic health process of integration of the youth, which will be launched within the youth conference, workshops and the resource fair.
  • Youth will enjoy Central American art, culture and music to address issues of identity.


Homies Unidos started reaching out to schools and community service providers to refer CAR youth who needs mental health or legal services. As part of a preventive strategy we began implementing the National Compadres Network’s Joven Noble curriculum, character development program to provide a safe space where they can express themselves with indigenous traditional tools. Even though, with limited resources we have served over 58 youth in four different schools: Santee High, Hawthorne High, Hawkins High and L.A. River.   Through this Conference we will address the need to bring youth from other schools where to a place where they can share experiences and be introduced to health and legal services providers among other resources.

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“Vos Sos Mi Canto” Concert to Benefit Child Refugees

Sunday, August 17th, 2014

Concert “VOS SOS MI CANTO” dedicated to children detained in the centers of migration. On October 4th we will start 5:30PM with a Immigration forum. We have organize two shows, 7PM and 9:30 pm, with the collaboration of distinguished Central American artists (see below), we will also collect basic necessities that children need in a detention center we are partnering with, the proceeds of the concert will be used for training and transportation . for more info

Eventbrite - Vos Sos Mi Canto, Concert in Benefit of Child RefugeesVosSosMiCantoFinal 4X6


Buy your ticket on-line now

Eventbrite - Vos Sos Mi Canto, Concert in Benefit of Child Refugees

The Alliance for Human Rights of Child Refugees and Their Families

Sunday, July 6th, 2014



Hearing To Dismiss all Charges Against Alex Sanchez of Homies Unidos

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013
Title Bar 2
– All Charges to be dropped against Alex Sanchez Wednesday, January 16th at 8:30 a.m.
– Press conference with supporters of Alex Sanchez after hearing

CONTACT: Elvira Padilla 213-399-2606


Government Requests that Court Drop RICO Charges Against Peacemaker Alex Sanchez:

Defense reveals flaws in 2009 Grand Jury indictment

Los Angeles, California – January 15, 2013 – After a three-and-a-half-year ordeal that began in June of 2009, the government has requested that the court dismiss all the charges brought in a RICO grand jury indictment against peacemaker Alex Sanchez.  According to the official filing, the government specifically reserves the right to re-indict.   Alex Sanchez now awaits a court order issued by Judge Fischer that will make the dismissal final, but by all indications, a new chapter can begin for Sanchez, his family and supporters. A press conference will be held on January 16 after court hearing.

Most of all Sanchez is relieved that his name will be cleared and he can begin to rebuild his life. Sanchez and his attorney Amy Jacks released the following statement. “We applaud the government for conscientiously re-evaluating the case and recognizing that the evidence it presented to the grand jury does not support the charges brought against Alex.  This has been a long time coming but the government has now made the right decision by recommending dismissal of the case against Alex.  If the court grants the government’s motion, Alex can focus on what he has done so well for many years: helping our community with gang intervention and prevention and promoting peaceful solutions to our conflicts.”

History. On June 24, 2009, internationally recognized human rights defender and peacemaker Alex Sanchez was erroneously named in a 66-page federal indictment, charging him and twenty-three others under the RICO Act, with being active members of the Mara Salvatrucha gang and alleging criminal acts of conspiracy.

Alex Sanchez was denied bail twice, first by Magistrate Judge Alicia Rosenberg in June 2009 and by Judge Manuel Real in October 2009. As guarantee that Alex did not pose a flight risk or danger to his community, the court was presented with overwhelming support from the community: more than $2.5 million in sureties of affidavit and property deeds and hundreds of letters testifying to Alexʼs character from local residents, prominent academics, civic and community leaders, law enforcement and peace workers. Alex Sanchez remained imprisoned for over 6 months. His legal team then led by Kerry Bensinger appealed the October 2009 ruling to the Ninth Circuit and they ordered Judge Real to reopen the bail hearing and make his decision based on “findings of fact.” Alex was granted bail on January 13th, 2010.

Supporters always maintained that Alex should not be on trial to begin with. The public outcry against his indictment led to We Are Alex organizing chapters to open across the country to bring attention to his case and important work.

WHAT/WHO:     Press Conference with peacemaker Alex Sanchez, his attorney and supporters

WHEN:               Wednesday, January 16th 8:30 a.m.

WHERE:             Roybal Federal Building 8th Floor

255 East Temple Street

Los Angeles, CA 90012

(213) 894-1565 or (213) 894-2215


Cuentame follows the story of Alex Sanchez

Sign up, check it out and pass it around.

Alex Bust 2

 We Are Alex

This video was made by supporter and director of the documentary Fruits of War, Josiah Hooper.

Check it out and pass it around.

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Jueza federal bloquea varias cláusulas de la SB 1070

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

Jueza federal bloquea varias cláusulas de la SB 1070

PHOENIX, Arizona.- Menos de 24 horas antes de que debiese entrar en efecto, la jueza federal Susan Bolton emitió pocos minutos atrás su fallo respecto a la demanda contra la ley SB 1070 de Arizona. Bolton bloqueó la cláusula más controversial de este estatuto que obligaba a las agencias de policía estatales y locales de ese estado a ejercer funciones migratorias por violar el control federal de las leyes de inmigración.
La jueza también suspendió la aplicación de otro inciso, el tres, que adjudica la categoría de crimen estatal al incumplimiento intencional de no portar un registro de identificación como extranjero y el que les prohibía solicitar empleo en áreas públicas. Estas cláusulas serán posteriormente decididas por la corte federal.

Esta porción no ofrece excepciones para personas que tiene permiso para estar en el país, pero aún no tienen documentos, tales como aquellos que están en medio de un proceso de asilo político y otros.

Por su parte, la cláusula seis que permite a los agentes de la policía arrestar, sin orden judicial, a una persona sospechosa de haber cometido un delito que los vuelve sujetos inmediato a la deportación, también podría ser eliminada.

De acuerdo con los argumentos presentados contra la ley por los demandantes no existe en el código federal una lista de crímenes que ameriten una orden inmediata de deportación del país. Esta decisión sólo le corresponde a un juez de inmigración.

El inciso dos en su primera parte retira las restricciones a las policía locales y estatales de Arizona para ejercer funciones de agencia federal de inmigración. Esta parte de la ley SB 1070 autoriza a los agentes preguntar por la situación migratoria, lo que significa que sólo se aplicaría a las personas sospechosas de estar ilegalmente en el país.

La segunda parte del inciso permite que el sospechoso sea puesto en libertad antes de que se determine su estatus migratorio.

La discusión se centra en que estas enmiendas podrían llenar las cárceles de personas inocentes detenidas con el sólo propósito de que se determine su situación migratoria.

Entrevistados por La Opinión dijeron que al detenerse la aplicación de estos estos tres segmentos se crea un precedente para otros estados y se eliminaría la posibilidad de que medidas similares a la SB 1070 se extiendan por el resto del país.

De cualquier manera, los proponentes del estatuto de Arizona pueden apelar a la misma llegando posiblemente hasta la Corte Suprema, un proceso que podría tomar varios años.

Dignity Not Detentions

Friday, February 26th, 2010

Los Angeles advocates launch \'Dignity not Detention\' campaign in tandem with events around US