Free Jaime Martinez

In 2013 we were excited to have Jaime Martinez release from prison after 31 years of incarceration. The Salvadoran Association in Support of Freedom Deprived People in the Exterior (ASAPLE), In El Salvador and Homies Unidos, helped in providing the necessary documents he needed to show the parole board Jaime had paid for his mistake and had worked hard to gain his freedom once again. We initially expected Jaime to be deported to El Salvador, but to our surprise, he was release to his family in Los Angeles. Immigration authorities provided Jaime a letter stating he was not deportable. Jaime went on to rebuild his life. He has been grateful of the work we all did to gain his freedom by getting involved in Homies Unidos programs and started to help others that he left behind in prison. On January 26 at 5:AM  ICE agents raided his home and took him into custody saying that he will be deported.  We are waiting to hear the reasons why ICE has decided to do this. In the meantime Jaime is being held by ICE in Adelanto detention center.


Jaime helped organized an event with the School of Americas Watch in Los Angeles (picture on left), He joined several events where to told his story in solitary confinement. Supporting an event on solitary confinement. (Picture on right) He received the Courage Award at our 14th anniversary event for his role in organizing families of Salvadoran incarcerated people with ASAPLE. (Pictured below)

If Jaime is deported, his criminal record will be sent down to El Salvador with him, he will face law enforcement who have openly said they will kill gang members, not knowing the difference between not active gang members. He will be facing incarceration by initiatives that are being proposed by the recommendations of the resent visit of Rudy Giuliani (Former Mayor of New York) to El Salvador. Jaime has become an activist and will face death if deported. Help us keep Jaime safe in the United States with his family. If you met Jaime Martinez please send us a support letter of support for him for. He goes to his first court on February 4th. Where we will be asking for a bail. Sign on to keep informed on his case: Send letters of support for his bail to: Jaime Martinez For Bail Sample Letter send PDF letters to and original to:

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