Claudine BenArosh

Master of Ceremony

Homies Unidos Board Member

Claudine BenArosh is a multilingual, public speaker who uses her compelling personal experience to advocate on the behalf of others. Incarcerated as a young adult, Claudine left behind a three-month-old son, college life and family members struggling to understand her life choices. Caught up in dreams of power, control and loyalties that were inspired by the very movies she wanted to make as a career, Claudine succumbed to a life of crime on the streets instead of one in front of the camera.

    Fortunately, while serving her sentence, supportive family ties outside prison and unexpectedly eye-opening relationships formed on the inside were an unwavering catalyst for change. Upon her release, Claudine left prison determined to create a new life for herself. Since being paroled, she has worked for Los Angeles radio stations 100.3 The BEAT and Latino 96.3, various studios, entertainment companies and marketing firms, and has volunteered with organizations working with at-risk-youth. She has appeared in several TV shows and film projects, and she co-wrote and performed a one-and-a-half woman show of her early life experiences.

    Paroled with nothing but a cardboard box of personal items, $200 from the state, and sheer determination, Claudine’s journey is proof that it is not only possible for felons to start over after parole, but for them to succeed greatly. Today, she mastering her fourth language, sign language, and writing a memoir.